Meet the Team

Léa Guido

Doctor of Chiropractic
I was born in the Côte d'Azur, in the south of France, and have always felt a great passion for the human body and its incredible healing power through natural processes. I am a sports enthusiast and have always been very active in my life, so I understand the importance of having a healthy, adaptable body that functions at its maximum potential.

Since birth, I have had various health problems related to the musculoskeletal system, which prevented me from playing sports and climbing stairs at the age of 13. By chance, I ended up in a manual therapy center in France where I noticed significant improvements in my health and overall well-being.

That's when I decided to study a profession related to manual therapies, and upon discovering the philosophy of chiropractic, I knew that helping create a healthier, sustainable, and happier humanity through chiropractic care would be my calling.

After six years of studies between France (two years) and Barcelona (four years), I graduated in 2021 from the Barcelona College of Chiropractic. Since then, I have collaborated in different clinics, learning from the masters of the profession and practicing with different techniques and approaches in Barcelona and the province of Barcelona (Terrassa). I have also been an assistant teacher in different technique classes and a supervisor at the clinic of the Barcelona College of Chiropractic, as I have always enjoyed teaching and helping as many people as possible.

Since my graduation, I have continued to educate myself to expand my knowledge and skills to offer the best care to my patients. Recently, I have specialized in a holistic approach for pregnant women and children, allowing me to provide more comprehensive and personalized care to these populations.

For me, ColumnaQuiro goes beyond being a chiropractic center. It is a humanistic project that empowers the population from the inside out, helping each individual understand that health comes from within and its importance.

I am excited to welcome everyone seeking a natural and effective way to improve their health at ColumnaQuiro, and I look forward to helping them with open arms!
Léa Guido